In order to perform controls of the technical and aesthetic criteria, the applicant deposits the movement of the watch to be certified, presented in a kit, at the offices of the Foundation. The plate, the bridges, the complete barrel, the oscillating weight, the wheels, the profile-turned or profiled-turned and cut parts, as well as the shaped parts, are set aside and submitted to a visual examination at a distance of 30 cm, and then under the no. 3 microscope setting.

The main aesthetic criteria
Decoration must be visible on the maximum thickness of the mainplate or on the visible part of the bridge, by a selective process of the zone to be decorated, as well in the main recesses. The parts must not have any rough sharp angles and the countersinks must be polished. No burrs must be visible and the functional zones of the steel parts must be polished. The screw-heads must be flat and polished, chamfered on the slot and around the rim. The shaped parts must be chamfered and polished, if possible with strokes drawn out with a file.