Given their similarities, these two arts – de Grisogono jewellery-making and classical dance at the Paris Opera & Ballet – were clearly destined to meet.

The path from the rough, unhewn stone to the finished gem sparkling at the heart of a ring or necklace is all about time, abnegation and passion. Like a ballet director who develops a precocious sixth sense of which talents are destined to become étoiles, Fawaz Gruosi follows his instinct, that which guides him towards a stone, a composition. Stones play a key role in his creative approach. He works on a love-at-first-sight basis and always returns from his travels with stones in his luggage.

Opera collection. © de Grisogono

This a collection that plays with light effects, showcasing a “chiaroscuro” signature that has become a favourite with the Swiss jeweller. Highlighting the curves, reflections and intensity of the stones and materials, de Grisogono creations are authentic sculptures. The finely chased goldsmithing ‘opens up’ models in such a way that the light can shine through the stones. The jeweller is a choreographer working with perspective to give each stone its central solo role. The famous stage of the Palais Garnier opera house also reveals talents. Beneath the spotlight, it infuses bodies and movements with luminous intensity. So as to create an optical illusion and enable the audience to see all the ballerinas as if they were on the same level, its legendary stage is slightly sloping – an additional challenge for those gliding across its wooden floor for their first live performance.

Fawaz Gruosi & Benjamin Millepied. © de Grisogono

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