Eberhard & Co. continues its journey through the fascinating world of vintage cars by participating in the 25th edition of the Raid Suisse-Paris as the Official Time Keeper. Characterised by a mix of sport, passion, scenery and enchanting châteaux, this rally is a must for fans of old-timers.

A wonderful 3-day trip started in Basel and finished in Paris, passing through Burgundy, the Loire valley, the Ile-de-France and their châteaux: historic roads alternate with rural scenery to create an agreeable experience.

The competition of the rally was stoked by a number of regularity trials, including the Eberhard & Co. Spéciale, which Eberhard awarded the winners of this trial with two specimens of its Chrono 4 Wall Clock. The same prize was also given to the winners of the Young Drivers category and to the female crew who won the Women’s Cup.

© Eberhard & Co.

Lastly, the winners of the Tourisme and Veterans categories received 4 Tazio Nuvolari chronographs.