Many thanks to David Chokron, who helped to maintain our weekly Worldtempus news summary in my absence and tackle the subject of white dials. “Fashion that never goes out of fashion” is how Marie de Pimodan-Bugnon referred to the colour in her article on white ladies’ watches as part of our Summer Watches series. The special features continue this week with my look at the latest crop of diver’s watches – a time piece category that enjoys widespread appeal far beyond the confines of the diving community. In his second article for Worldtempus, Aurel Bacs cuts through thick layers of marketing to answer an interesting question: When does a watch or timepiece deserve to be called “legendary” or “iconic”? He believes he has found the answer in the Bulgari Serpenti jewellery watch. Read his full appraisal to find out why.

At the height of summer you are probably thinking more about your holidays than servicing your car, but Willy Schweizer’s article on service might give you some food for thought. While you may take several years to clock up the equivalent of 1,000 hours of operation in your car, your self-winding watch is subject to the same wear in just seven weeks and if you have your watch serviced every few years, then it will have been running for well over 20,000 hours!


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