The collaboration will see the American company design and create a range of bespoke hand-waxed cotton NATO straps for the Spirit collection. 

Every one of the hand-sewn and hand-waxed strap will be a ‘unique piece’, and their stunning combinations of colours will enhance the military-inspired Spirit collection. The straps will also feature bespoke packaging and the label: “Suigeneric for Speake-Marin”.
Suigeneric stems from sui generis, a Latin phrase meaning “of its own kind”, that’s to say “unique”. Suigeneric’s aim is to provide a unique perspective by creating sui generis creations through a distinctive design approach and uncompromising commitment to quality.

NATO straps are particularly appropriate for the casual look of the Spirit collection as they slide under both lugs for maximum security. The design is based on the military watch strap issued by the British Ministry of Defence.