The Récital 17 presents three time zones. Logically, the local time occupies the central position, which allows the time to be read intuitively. The two other time zones appear at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Each displays a time zone chosen from the 24 existing zones. The indication of the hours and minutes is completed by a day/night disk and a 24-city indicator corresponding to the 24 time zones.

Bovet - Récital 17

The Récital 17’s openwork dial adds to the timepiece’s strong personality and demonstrates the brilliance of its dial-makers. © Bovet

This triple time zone is judiciously complemented by a double moon phase which simultaneously indicates the current phase of the lunar cycle in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The two opposing apertures are linked by a compass rose directly machined into the base of the dial. The specific angle created by the position. This is a high-precision lunar mechanism, requiring a correction of just one day every 128 years.

The Récital 17 is the third timepiece in the Dimier Collection to be powered by the Virtuoso II watchmaking specialties caliber.  In keeping with the Dimier Collection tradition, the Récital 17 features a sapphire case back allowing both sides of the movement to be admired. It reveals the well-known face of the Virtuoso II caliber and in particular its power reserve indicator displaying seven days of autonomy, as well as the triple seconds hand of the caliber’s iconic mechanics.

The timepiece is available into two 45mm versions: In white gold or in red gold.

Bovet - Récital 17

Récital 17 in white gold. © Bovet