Crescendo is the new timepiece from Century, part of the Master Imperial collection dedicated to the House's prestigious creations.

The master craftsmen at Century have brought to life a totally new face, using one of the most advanced jewellery techniques: the snow setting.

Nestled right next to one another, the different diamond cuts a subtle and sophisticated effect. Individually selected, the sparkling stones appear to have been placed randomly, evoking the floral swirls of the hand-engraved dial, loke the most precious dewdrops. Surrounding the bezel, this display recalls the wonder we feel before an immaculate carpet of snow pierced by the first blooms.

Crescendo dazzles with the 64 translucent facets of the Century sapphire in a palladium hue. Cut and polished entirely by hand, they perform a veritable symphony of light, their radiant effect accentuated by the delicate curve of the case in 18 ct. white gold.
The timepiece is mounted on an elegant alligator strap.

Century Promesse

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