The X-TREM-1 displays hour and minutes by means of two tiny hollowed steel spheres isolated within sapphire tubes on both sides of the caseband. The whole mechanism is revolutionary: the two spheres – which appear to be floating in their respective tubes – are controlled by magnetic fields generated by two magnets moved by ultra-thin surgical silk thread. Thanks to the magnetic fields generated by the magnets, the spheres have no mechanical connection to the movement and float inside the tubes, as if by magic. Crucially, the magnetic fields are precision-focused so that they have no effect whatsoever on the movement – apart from the task assigned to them, which is to display time in an incredibly original way.



The new X-TREM 1 Chocolate, even more harmonious and elegant. © Christophe Claret


X-TREM-1 Chocolate is equipped with a flying tourbillon – which is inclined at 30° and mounted on a convex titanium mainplate – and is available in a limited edition of eight pieces. It is worn on a brown alligator-skin strap.