The Ti-Bridge is a mixture of audacity and sobriety. With this timepiece, Corum reinterprets the codes of its legacy while still respecting the expertise of the brand just like Gérard Sené who dresses men who not only seek to obtain a style but to reinvent the rules of art. An avant-garde look and handcrafted assembly is what unites Gerard Sené and the timepieces of the Ti-Bridge collection. It is the choice of material, the cut, the quality and the neat finishing that transform these everyday items such as watches, clothing or footwear into fine luxury goods.

Ti-Bridge Power Reserve Gérard Sené

Ti-Bridge Power Reserve Gérard Sené © Corum

The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve Gérard Sené is dressed with a crocodile leather strap directly inspired by the Sené clothing workshop which harmonizes perfectly with the sober black PVD treatment covering the titanium case and movement. Each strap has been fashioned individually and “iced” in the Sené way: The leather is lavishly rubbed, leaving a time-worn pattern; then dried before it is waxed and finally brushed to endow a shiny appearance and glossy finish. The leather handiwork is an ancestral know-how that requires skills, technical know-how and patience from the tanner in order to transform the material to attain the desired appearance.

Ateliers Gérard Sené. DR