In the jet-set heaven of 1950s Havana, the only place to be was Tropicana. Attended by VIP such as Marlon Brandon, Ernest Hemingway, Rita Hayworth and J.F.K. to name just a few, the club was a myth of Latin shows. The new “Tropicana” lady line by Cuervo y Sobrinos takes its inspiration from the Cabaret's atmosphere and from the costumes wore by the beautiful dansers.

The Tropicana timepieces are available in five different dial versions where the “star” is the diamond dust used to emphasize the decoration. The base material is the mother-of-pearl for the white version  whilst the dressy black version with white or black dust diamond is created with a beautiful “soleil” dial. These masterpieces are hosted into a 34mm steel case delicately set of white diamonds or rubies or sapphires in harmony with the decoration diamond dust. The strap in fine leather, exclusively hand made, shows a fine notched insert reproducing the dial decoration in respective colors.

Tropicana (ref. 3112.1NS-DN-I). © Cuervo Y Sobrinos