The Cape Cod line, launched in 1991, reinvents itself this year in a stylish and elegant manner, while preserving its rounded curves and distinctive lugs. The entire collection now features a redesigned dial and an interchangeable strap. Hermès is renewing its ties with this precious metal in its watch creations, turning alchemist by offering its very own silver composition. This new alloy features a larger proportion of silver than the conventional 925 alloy and was specially developed to ensure that silver maintains its characteristic glow over the years. While playing the transformation game with a range of subtle touches, the Cape Cod models remain resolutely timeless.


Nantucket Silver © Hermès

The slender and graceful Nantucket watch wraps its elegant lines smoothly around the wrist, highlighting the shimmering reflections and distinctive radiance of the Silver alloy now replacing its initial 925 silver. Delicately curved to ensure perfect comfort, non-set or gem-set according to the model, its case inspired by an anchor-chain link is moored to the wrist by interchangeable leather straps underscoring the precious nature of this creation.