An astrolabe is an instrument used to observe the stars and was of great importance in the development of the human sciences. The instrument is represented in the form of a double flat projection which measures the movement of the stars in the heavens. Its purpose is to observe the stars as well as determine the time (in the daytime by observing the sun, at night by observing the stars).

Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet, sought to obtain one. This is how an encounter came about with Martin Brunold, probably the only manufacturer of astrolabes in the world. Martin Brunold is working with Louis Moinet, for whom he made an exclusive series of 12 “Al Sarraj” astrolabes which are exact replicas of the original. This astrolabe, made by Ahmad Ibn Al-Sarraj in the 19th century, is considered to be the most advanced development in the Islamic world.


Louis Moinet Astrolabe

Astrolabe © Louis Moinet


For connoisseurs Louis Moinet is reserving an exceptional boxed set containing Martin Brunold’s work of art, the Al-Sarraj astrolabe, and a defined mechanical tourbillon with the streamlined design of the astrolabe. Also handmade, it reproduces the function of the astrolabe of the age, which was the faithful telling of time, day and night. A tribute to human genius around the world, the Astrolabe mechanical Tourbillon is traditionally made and hand assembled in its entirety, in the same poetic spirit as Ibn Al-Sarraj’s creation.


Louis Moinet "Astrolabe" Tourbillon

"Astrolabe" Tourbillon © Louis Moinet


The “Astrolabe” Tourbillon is presented in an 18K white gold case composed of 59 different components and equipped with the Louis Moinet signature crown guard. The latter invention consists of an independent stem integrated within a watertight system and held with a plate secured by four screws. It represents a major advantage in facilitating servicing, compared to traditionally soldered stems.