A charismatic element of this new white gold case measuring 28mm in diameter, the bezel is oversized and makes a striking impression like a radiant sun around a precious dial.

The bezel presents the Maison’s beloved Damier motif, but it has been reworked this time to give it a radiant movement through an invisible setting on three rows of baguette-cut diamonds.

The dial is made of mother-of-pearl marquetry in tones of differing intensity, a kind of abstract kaleidoscope in harmony with the radiance of the diamonds and the white of the satin-finish bracelet.

The watch has a quartz movement animating the hours and minutes.

In a Rivière version, Damier Absolu pushes back the boundaries of jewellery applied to watchmaking. The bezel is no longer the only feature that is entirely set. Both the dial and the bracelet are set with brilliant-cut diamonds in turn.

Damier Absolu Rivière

Damier Absolu Rivière © Louis Vuitton