As the holiday season approaches, we all struggle to find the right gifts for the people that we love. In this era of smart phones and connectivity, a lot of the traditional gifts have disappeared. It’s just not the same experience to give or receive an e-voucher or a printed receipt, is it?
For those close to you, one traditional gift still remains the “gold standard” – a fine timepiece.

As watch lovers, we know that watches reflect the wearer’s personality, style and taste. Therefore, if you get it right, you’ll have hit a home run – but getting it right takes a lot of time and effort, which means so much when it comes to the holiday season.

As an example, two years ago, I fell in love with a new watch, one that for me stood out from all the others. I mentioned this to my wife, Sophie, as an idea for Christmas and she immediately told me that she had heard the watch was back ordered and impossible to get.

So I crossed that off my wish list and carried on. Then, on Christmas morning, I opened a box from my lovely wife, and there was the very watch I had lusted after. I have worn that watch just about every day since then, and every time I put it on, I remember that Christmas and I think of my wife.

For me, watches are the perfect gift, one that will continue to give each time you put it on. A watch with classic design will stay relevant for years, decades, centuries, even. For gifts, I would shy away from the crazy watches with the “here today, gone tomorrow” designs -- these are great for fleeting style statements, but you want something longer lasting for a Christmas gift, right?

If you are considering giving a watch as a gift this holiday season, the best advice I can offer is to think about what your loved ones really want, what other watches they already have, what they like, how they will use the watch and how they dress. If they spend most of their time in suits, an elegant watch might be the right thing to buy. If they are in jeans more than slacks, then something more sporty and casual is just the ticket.

If you are lucky, you loved ones will drop hints about the watches they want like I did. If they don’t, don’t despair. Remember, you know a lot about their people and with a little CSI-like detective work, you can figure out what would fit them perfectly.

The last thing you want is to buy a watch that is just put into a drawer, never to be worn again. Hit the nail on the head with the perfect watch and you’ll always sees it on their wrist, and every time your loved ones wear them, they will think of you.

What could be more perfect than that?