Inspired by its partnership with the Berlinale, Glashütte Original itself invites to an exclusive film premiere this year where it will present five individual perspectives of the brand.
Over the past few months, the Saxon watch manufacturer has invited the company's friends and connoisseurs to submit their own film concepts which illustrate their individual perception of Glashütte Original and show the brand from a new, somewhat unusual perspective.

Phoenix rising
Brice Goulard is a journalist who runs the internationally influential watch blog "Monochrome". In his film he takes up the facetted history of watchmaking in Glashütte and presents it as a backdrop to the present and future of Glashütte Original in particular.

His film presents the point of view of a journalist motivated by his research interests. In a factual yet personal manner he tells of his fascination for the rich heritage of watchmaking in Glashütte and for the knowledge that this carries, knowledge which has been handed down from one generation to the next and maintained, despite crises and wars, from 1845 to the present