Breguet revolutionized the use of silicon and its applications in luxury watchmaking. Very light, silicon is notably used to develop balance springs and escapements much more efficient. Fitted in the Type XXII, these new components allow the movement to beat at a frequency of 10Hz and reach a greater precision. Completely insensitive to the effects of magnetism, silicon makes possible the insertion of magnets at the heart of watch mechanisms to improve their performances. In 2012, the Classique Chronométrie 7727 is equipped with a magnetic pivot and reveals impressive rating results.

These timepieces - as well as other models - will then be the subject of a unique exhibition on the Breguet’s high-tech inventions. Presented at the Cité du Temps in Geneva from January 20 to February 23, 2014, this retrospective looks back on a selection of eight Breguet innovations that marked the history of watchmaking.