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“Life is about moments”: with this motto as its signature, Baume & Mercier expresses its desire to design timeless watches that forever safeguard the emotion of shared moments.

  • About

    About Baume & Mercier

    In 1830, the Baume family opened its first watchmaking outlet in the Swiss Jura. The aim of the Baume brothers, the Firm's founders, was to make high-quality traditional watches.

    In 1848, they opened their first workshop in London, named “Baume Brothers”. This business in Britain enabled them to export their timepieces throughout the British Empire, from India to Africa and Burma.

    In 1876, the Firm further specialised in complications – minute repeaters, calendars and tourbillons. In this way, at various Universal Expositions, it won ten Grand Prix awards and six gold medals. Meanwhile, Baume regularly passed the tests conducted by the Kew Observatory near London.

    At the dawn of the Belle Epoque in the 1920s, the third generation of the family – in the person of the young William Baume – decided to embark on a partnership with Paul Mercier, an international businessman. As a result, the Firm was renamed ‘Baume & Mercier'.

    The Manufacture of the same name was opened in Geneva and received “Geneva Seal” certification in 1919.

    In 1935, William Baume retired for health reasons, followed two years later by Paul Mercier. Two new names took over the management of the Manufacture: Count Constantin de Gorski and the Ponti family, Italian goldsmiths.

    Shortly after the Second World War in 1952, Baume & Mercier bought a new production site in Le Brassus, specifically to make its chronographs.

    From 1971 onwards, with its ‘Tronosonic' model, Baume & Mercier became one of the first manufactures to adopt the new electronic tuning fork movements, the forerunners of quartz.

    Nine years later, Baume & Mercier became a part of what was to become the Richemont Group.

    Continuing its expansion, in 2002 the Firm opened new workshops in Les Brenets in the Jura. Faithful to tradition whilst also welcoming all the latest advances, it returned to ‘établissage', the production method used by the Baume brothers throughout the nineteenth century.

    The firm has thus continued its path with new models such as the Classima Executives, Diamant, and so on.

  • Philosophy

    Baume & Mercier's philosophy

    “Life is about moments”: with this motto as its mission statement, Baume & Mercier expresses its desire to design timeless watches that can accompany an individual throughout the various stages of their life. Today, Baume & Mercier timepieces encapsulate the heritage of two centuries, embodied in affordable collections featuring meticulous design.

    As the holder of unique knowhow, the Firm has also developed a partnership with the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (IOSW), a horological training establishment present in a number of cities around the world.

    Authenticity and generosity are also cardinal values for the Firm. In this respect, it is committed to an impeccable code of conduct, as certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

  • 5 key dates

    Baume & Mercier's 5 key dates

    1830: "Frères Baume" open their first watch business in the Swiss Jura

    1918: partnership with Paul Mercier – Baume & Mercier Maison founded in Geneva

    1988: the Firm becomes a part of the future Richemont Group

    2002: watchmaking workshops opened in Les Brenets in the Swiss Jura

    2015: Maison's anniversary, 185 years


  • Collections

    Baume & Mercier's collections

    CLASSIMA: in a combination of traditional watchmaking knowhow and the elegant simplicity of a timeless model, the men's and women's Classima collection asserts its smart, discrete vocation, counting on the subtlety of a minimalist approach to emphasise its durability.
    CLIFTON: embodying Swiss watchmaking tradition and the very soul of city elegance, the Clifton collection is both contemporary and iconic. It comprises clearly recognisable men's timepieces that blend classicism and modernity.
    CAPELAND: a warm-coloured timepiece featuring a smart casual design and vintage tones, the Capeland invites wearers to get away from it all.
    PROMESSE: blend of horological tradition and an original design that renders it truly timeless. The Promesse appeals to all modern, independent women with a penchant for elegance. Because elegance is above all a question of personality, Promesse welcomes a new mini-size: the Petite Promesse.

    LINEA : Linea offers the perfect blend of style and femininity with its contemporary, fun interchangeable strap. Its guiding philosophy is to be a suitable companion for women by enabling them to have a strap that matches their outfit – the height of elegance.
    HAMPTON : a men's and women's collection that draws its inspiration from an Art Deco period model. It has now become a classic for the brand, cultivating a certain idea of elegance.

  • Contact

    Contact Baume & Mercier

    Baume & Mercier
    Chemin de la Chênaie 50
    CH-1293 Bellevue/GE
    T. +41 22 580 29 48

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Baume & Mercier

Clifton GMT Power Reserve

— As a preview of the 2017 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Baume & Mercier expands its Clifton collection with a complication as useful as it is cosmopolitan: the dual time indicator.
cadeaux de noël sous le sapin © DR

Christmas gifts

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Baume&Mercier Clifton Quantième Perpétuel

Baume & Mercier

Video. Clifton Perpetual Calendar

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Baume & Mercier Classima

Baume & Mercier

Celebrating those special moments in life

— The concept of watches as gifts is part of Baume & Mercier’s DNA. The twin Classima watches in red gold continue this tradition.
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Dubai Watch Week

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Baume & Mercier

The Clifton collection gains a perpetual calendar

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Baume & Mercier

Video. The new Petite Promesse

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